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TSU's Haywood Addresses Media Week Seven

SWAC Teleconference TSU Football Show

HOUSTON- Texas Southern head football coach Michael Haywood participated in the Weekly SWAC Teleconference on Monday as well as the TSU Football Show with Lary "Chattabox" Hale on Tuesday.

Please click the links above to listen to the audio of both segments in their entirety.

TSU Head Coach Michael Haywood- Select SWAC Teleconference Quotes

Opening Statement

"I'd like to compliment Grambling State on the game in which they played because they stayed in the game and did whatever they had to do to win in the end. In the second drive of the game we get to the one yard line and the tailback goes the wrong way and we have a mental error and we fumble the ball inside the five yard line. Grambling comes back and blocks the punt and scores. We come back and tie the game up when there's about four minutes left in the game. Then there's about 2:50 left in the game and we go into a two minute offense and we turn the football over and Grambling goes down and puts seven on the board so we go into the half down 14-7. At that point we come back and tie the game up. However, we just killed ourselves and go back down again we have the ball at the six yard line and there's an error between the quarterback and the center. There's a fumble at 1st and goal at the six and we turn the ball over again. We were our worst enemy and were shooting ourselves in the foot, but Grambling took advantage of the opportunities and made plays. Unfortunately, we ended up losing by 13 in the end."

On play of Bobby Hartzog versus Grambling State

"Bobby is an outstanding young man. He comes to work every day and practices hard, but if you watch his tape from the game, he competed on every play he was in there and gave great effort, does a nice job of catching the football and giving us yards. The good thing about it is that we can put Bobby at different positions and he does a tremendous job going in to make plays. We just try to do the best job we can in creating matchups with him, but he's an outstanding football player and is doing a great job for us."

On this week's matchup with Southern

"Well, they've found an electrifying quarterback, that's for sure. He can really run that football, he's electrifying, he's a really good football player. We're going to have to do some different things on defense that we haven't done before so that we can contain them. It's going to be an electrifying game, they do a nice job with their pin and pulls and the run game and the things in which they've done in a significant period of time. We're just going to have to make sure we're solid and put some bigger guys on the field. It's interesting when they play three tight ends on the game, how much they throw the ball instead of run the ball and then two tight ends in the game, they run the ball. It's kind of interesting, their philosophy with that. I'm in Dallas right now about to go into this press conference for the State Fair [Showdown] and I'm looking forward to playing in it."

On how the conference changes from week to week

"You're exactly right, you never know which players are going to show up. It's interesting because we played one of the best games since I've been at Texas Southern University and we shot ourselves in the foot on three different occasions which is 21 points which turned into a 21 point turnaround. When you watch Prairie View, they are an electrifying team, have a really good tailback and two really good wide receivers. However, Odom and those guys did a terrific job going in and shutting those guys down. You never know what you are going to get week to week in this conference, so we are excited to go into this game versus Southern, it's a really good matchup for us and we should have a really good game.

On the upcoming game plan versus SU

"Talking to Odom the week of the game, he thought that they played the worst game of the year the week before and they come back and play the best game of the year. It's quite interesting two weeks prior to the game, they play the worst game of the year then they come back and play the best game of the year, so you never know what team you're going to get. We're looking forward to a great game, going in there and playing that new quarterback. We have to stop that quarterback, there's no way we're going to let him get free. He's an electrifying young man, so he's going to be a challenge for us."

On factors that go into unpredictable matchups

"One of the things we talked about is getting these kids enough rest. For example, when we play a night game, our guys usually sleep because we practice in the morning. Odom and I talked about it, they practice in the morning as well, so when we are playing these evening games, these guys are usually taking a nap. We have to try to do different things to get their energy flowing and to get them excited and motivated because that's the time that they are usually taking a nap. Their whole structure and schedule then changes and I'm really glad that we are going to play this two o' clock game on Saturday because we are usually doing weights at that time or some other activity. Young players are stepping up at this time of year are maturing. We played Devin Williams at quarterback, a redshirt sophomore for us who is a first year guy from Blind Junior College who was electrifying as well in the game. Some of the younger players are starting to mature, get into game mode and I think they are doing a great job as well."

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