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Women's Volleyball | 10/9/2018 3:52:00 PM | David Butler

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Kirby Anderson Volleyball
TigerFans.net reporter David Butler sat down with TSU Volleyball student-athlete Kirby Anderson for a Q&A Session. Please see below to read the interview in its entirety.
Q: Who's your favorite athlete and why?

A: "My favorite athlete is Kobe because he has an unbelievable work ethic. I just love his mentality and work ethic he brings to the game."

Q: What's your favorite movie, food, and thing to do other than play volleyball?

A: "Outside of volleyball I love going to the beach any time I get a chance. My favorite movie is Twilight (the whole serious), and my favorite food is Italian food."

Q: Do you have any superstitions or is there something you must do for good luck before a game?

A: "I really don't have any superstitions, I just try to go out there and stay calm, relax and play."

Q: Is there any pregame ritual the team does before a game?

A: "We pray before every game."

Q: How was your transition from South Carolina State to Texas Southern University?

A: "At Texas Southern there's more of a family atmosphere, there's definitely a lot more girls and a bigger team. Overall though it was an easy transition, I knew I was going to play volleyball, the schools were different but the game doesn't change."

Q: Versus Jackson and Alabama State you had your season high in kills at 13 and 12, what sparked the hot hand and what does it take to become such an offensive threat?

A: "I guess what sparked me was the fact that my teammates trust me, I felt like I was struggling throughout those games but our setter "Bre" (Breyanna York), she trusts me a lot so they get me the ball. Being an offensive threat, I try to go out there and see what's open and my teammates help me a lot to see what's open on the court whether I have a split or who's in front of me. They help me out a lot."

Q: This Sunday the Tigers face an equally matched opponent in Grambling State, what have you all worked on in practice this week to better the team's performance for the upcoming game?

A: "We tried to have a sense of urgency as we worked on a lot of defense this week. We also worked on trying to make the game faster and move everything faster so we can get other people off their feet."

Q: The next three matches are home games, how important are these games and how important is it to have home court advantage?

A: "It's always an advantage when playing at home because you have the home crowd, the environment is better and relaxed when playing out here. These games are very important because its SWAC play and we're trying to make it to the tournament so every game, set, and match counts."

Q: So far, how do you feel about the team's performance this year?

A: "I feel like we've worked hard, there's definitely areas that we need to improve on and were working each and every day on them trying to get better. And we also have a new perspective on our coaching staff that helped a lot, she's bringing a lot of knowledge to the game that we didn't know before."

Courtesy: TSU Athletics