Mike Haywood Hired As New Texas Southern Head Football Coach


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HOUSTON - Texas Southern University has reached an agreement in principle on a four-year contract with former Miami of Ohio coach Michael Haywood to become the Tigers next head coach.

“It’s a significant hire for Texas Southern University to be able to get a coach like the caliber of Mike Haywood,” said Dr. Charles McClelland, TSU vice president for intercollegiate athletics, in an interview with FOX 26 Sports.

Read the rest: http://www.fox26houston.com/sports/55554354-story

I'm quite excited about Hayward. Of course I reviewed his resume and ..... I'm overall IMPRESSED!

1) He took a team from 1-11 to 10-4 (bowl game win) in only two seasons
2) He's worked under some of the most winningest coaches in college football
3) He has Houston and Texas ties which is great
4) He was awarded coach of the year
5) He seems to be a well-respected coach which translate to many benefits for us

But I do have some concerns:
1) He's been away from football for 5 years so I wonder if he still "got it"
2) I hope his violent temper (he was arrested for domestic abuse) doesn't resurface in a new manner that will harm our school reputation
and players

But I'll bet my last dollar that Asberry knew he wasn't returning after losing a/g PV. And also they started looking for a new coach way back in September, and probably selected him weeks ago. Like everything is happening to "in-sync" ... they think they got one over on us but they didn't ... I see what's going on here. Haywood interviewed and accepted the job way back in September or October.
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I hope so .... we all make mistakes so I'm not holding it against him just saying. But actually, lots of people have nothing but nice things to say about him I read. Seems very likeable which is great in recruiting ... I actually heard he's an awesome recruiter.
I seen the press conference and of course here are my observations (love bullet points)

*He seemed pretty confident which I loved
*He seem very stern and focused which is awesome
*I like the New England offense, but don't be surprise if he benches our QB for a new recruited one who's better suited for it
*I can't wait to see these coaches he's bringing in
*What's his salary? I'm expecting it to be between $200K to $250K yearly
*And they basically told on themselves, they alluded to how they started the search process way before Asberry announced his resignation which we all knew
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